Why Your Pet Needs Regular Checkups

Pets should get regular checkups for several important reasons. Regular pet check-ups are a crucial aspect of responsible pet ownership. These routine visits to the veterinarian are designed to monitor your pet's overall health and address any potential issues. Preventive Care Regular checkups allow veterinarians to detect and address health issues early, often before they [...]

How To Choose The Best Bend Vet Clinic

How To Choose The Best Bend Vet Clinic Choosing the right veterinary clinic for your pet is an important decision to ensure their health and well-being. The choice can be difficult, especially in Central Oregon where there are so many options. There are a few metrics you can use to determine which Bend vet clinic [...]

Fourth of July: How To Keep Pets Safe

The Fourth of July can be a stressful time for pets due to the loud fireworks and celebrations. Here are some tips to help protect your pets and keep them calm during this holiday: Keep your pets indoors Keep your pets inside the house, preferably in a room where they feel safe and secure. Close [...]

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